Puppy families
Vicki Maples Coleman
"I have a 6'4, 295 lb son, who plays college football at the University of Kentucky that melted like a girl when he saw the photos of your silver labs online. Neither of us have ever seen a lab this color and agree they are the most beautiful dogs we have ever seen!"
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"Silver Labs N Stuff thank you for blessing us with a pup that doesn't beg for food!! We are traveling again and Dakotah is able to sit right next to her and she just lays there looking out the window. She is such a smart girl "
Hi guys!
I just wanted to give you an update on Bullet (Ranger) and send you some pictures! He is doing really well and growing so fast! He is weighing about 25lbs now, which is unbelievable. We have also taught him how to sit, laydown, shake hands, roll over, and speak! He can be a little stubborn on speaking sometimes but that is okay at 11 weeks old we think he is picking up on things great and could not have asked for a better pup!
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