Silver labs n stuff


Heathridge Razorback "Reece"
Reece is a gorgeous silver lab girl from razorback country. She has a thick muscular build and always has her ears perked up and ready for anything. She has a Very strong retrieve drive but not overly energetic. Reece loves people and loves to be loved on. Everything you want in your labrador's personality and a great build.
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Heathridge's Ellie. A beautiful silver girl who is absolutely full of her self! Ellie is an awesome  retriever who just won't quit. That is the recipee for an exellent duck dog. She is a well balanced girl  making her a geat pet as well. She has begun her training and doing very well. She is a heavy boned, thick girl like her sire and dam. Ellie is the latest beauty in our improved silver labrador retrievers.
                                    Heathridge's   Sahara
Sahara is  a gorgeous champagne girl with a very gentle personality. She is laid back and easy going making her great around children and a great pet. Sahara carries the silver genes and can have silver, champagne, or charcoal puppies as well as the standard colors depending what she is bred to. she has the typical labrador build and spirit with a nice conformation and a wonderfully thick otter tail.