Current Litters

                          We are in North West Tennessee
         All our silver labs, charcoal labs, chocolate labs, and champagne labs, come with limited AKC registration
                                         ( no breeding rights )
                                    We do not ship our puppies
Future Litters
                  Wyatt Earp & Alaska litter
1st pick silver male--Misty
2nd pick silver male--Rashelle
3rd pick silver male--Available

1st - 5th pick silver female--Available

This litter will be ready for pickup saturday June 24th.
                          Keep this day open !!
                  Our Beach vacation litter                                                                      Boys

Litter Announcement:
Wyatt Earp (silver lab) & Bella (charcoal lab)
This is a litter of silver labs, charcoal labs, and champagne  
 They will be Ready to go home 
 July 1st
                                       Keep this day open !!
 Taking deposits now!

1st pick silver female--Amanda
1st pick silver male--Lynne
2nd pick silver male-- Malary
3rd  pick silver male --Available
1st  & 2nd pick charcoal female--Available
1st pick charcoal male-- Michael
2nd pick charcoal male --Available
1st & 2nd pick champagne males--Available
                                        Little Mermaid Litter
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$200.00 Non-refundable deposit


Deposits can be transfered to another litter if necessary.


Deposits and balances can be made through paypal, or a money order.

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