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Hi we are Heathridge Labs. We are a silver Labrador Breeder specializing in silver lab puppies, and charcoal lab puppies, We take great pride in producing the most beautiful silver labs puppies on earth. We have bred labs for over 20 +  years and have earned  a reputation second to none. We are  silver lab breeders of sound quality silver labs and charcoal labs that are not only gorgeous, but are proven as therapy dogs, awesome pets, and in the field. Many of our silver labs for sale, have champion lines, are trained for duck hunting, and run UKC hunt tests. Many will come UKC and AKC registered. All our silver labs and charcoal labs have extensive health and DNA testing clearances. If your idea of the perfect silver lab puppy or charcoal lab puppy are a heavy boned, thick, english style pup, you're at the right place. One look at our silver labs puppies for sale and you'll see they are a cut above any silver lab breeders you'll find. Can't wait to hear from you !                                                                                                          Jeff and Rhonda.
                    Silver labs for sale
At Heathridge Labs we have the most beautiful silver lab              puppies and charcoal lab puppies on the planet !!
                     Examples of our silver lab puppies for sale
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